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NUITS SAINT GEORGES  - Bourgogne - France
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In order to guarantee the best quality of our barrels we restrict our selection to only 4 different types of barrels. All SIRUGUE barrels are exclusively French oak :
Traditionnal Burgundy (228 L)  Standard EXPORT (228 L)
  Bordeaux  (225 L)                Hogshead (300 L)
Burgundy traditionnal barrels Tonnellerie SIRUGUE Burgundy traditionnal

Capacity : 228 litres
Measurements :
Staves Length : 0.875 m
Head Diameter : 0.59 m
Bilge Diameter : 0.71 m

Quality :  

French oak thickness 27/30 mms
Natural air drying visible on our
    production site
Open oak fire Bending
True and guaranteed tightness before delivery
recyclable individual packing.

Hooping :

6 galvanized stainless steel hoops &
8 chestnut hoops

Possible modification on demand about hooping

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